Fabio Bianchi was born in Como in 1956. He obtained a technical diploma at the Magistri Cumacini High School in 1975, after which he attended the Milan Polytechnic where he graduated in 1980. In the same year he also obtained the qualification as an Architect.  He belongs to the Order of Architects of Como as from 1981. He participated as an associate in the group ARKITE’  Architetti in 1985 and then in 1991 founded the company AB&c in association with the Architect Antonio Albertini. From 1997 to date he carries out his professional activity in individual form and since 1998 he is also a technical consultant for the Judge registered at the Court of Como. Since several years he has been an expert on environmental issues, a member of Larian landscape commissions and in some areas president thereof.

His formation developed during his scholastic period with various contacts and training with professional companies and then in the atelier of the architect Enrico Mantero. His passion for design, music, mountains and cycling has developed his personal artistic sense of  “beauty”, thus allowing him to focus on the objectives of the project and on the development of the same and to arrive at a final result in accordance with his client’s requests. 

He has been working for forty years in the public and private sector, in the civil construction field (for interventions on existing buildings for  restoration and renovation, as well as for new constructions) mainly residential, hotel, administrative, industrial, tourist-receptive, scholastic and sport, and in addition for the design of urban and landscape spaces.

For these professional assignments, starting from 2015, the Studio also benefit of the know-how of Senior Architect Federico Bianchi.

The Studio carries out the main activities of:

  • development of masterplans with feasibility studies
  • architectural design and administrative requirements
  • direction of the works and/or artistic direction
  • design of interior spaces and customization of furnishings
  • assistance in all phases of the projects and implementation to suppliers
  • calculation of construction costs and accounting

Contributors (current and non-current): Gabriele Botta, Serena Roncoroni, Alessandra Chiappini, Paola Puricelli, Christian Romeo, Francesco Mariani, Luca Clerici, Valeria Matteri, Lorenzo Botta

Via Valleggio 8, 22100 Como (CO), Italy  Tel: +39 031 3370063
  |  Email: studio@bianchifabio.it
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